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Shaun's first Article for publication at Netxnews.net

Iraqi Train Wreck and American Imperialism Article submitted for publication
by Shaun Knapp

Articles still under progress at various stages.

9-11 Coverup? Story featuring questions finally beginning to move into the mainstream. University of Illinois Law Professor claims: "There is a massive coverup going on." Additionally, 4 widow's from New Jersey who lost husbands in the trade center have banded together to investigate why many protocols were not followed by government on 9-11. Their research is damning to the Bush Administration who seems to have known of impending attacks and almost facilitated that they would not be hampered by the protocols in place which would have prevented them.

Crayons On The Brain. Article talking on the stupidity of Modern Culture as featured in Movies and Music. Do people really like the stuff, or are they just stupid and follow the herd? The writers of The Simpsons brilliantly understand.

Dangers of Journalism Some notes from one of my textbooks stating that "According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, between 1992 and 2001, 399 journalists were killed 'because of their work.' " This text also states that reporters say the current administration is making compliance with the Freedom of Information Act optional, telling the Justice Department not to prosecute government agencies who do not comply.


Amercan Empire Just some thoughts

Executive Order 13303 This is said by the Moscow Times to be "liscense to kill" and also claimed to be the "smoking gun" on just why the US in such urgency pre-emptively went to war against the 2nd larges oil producing nation on earth.

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The New Crusade, America's War on Terrorism
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